Get To Know God — He’s More Than You Thought

Get to know GodOne way to grow in love and faith in God is to think about how amazing He is. Pick one aspect of God, maybe His kindness, and think about it. Give yourself an entire day to just think of all the ways that God has been kind to you. Look up scripture on His kindness. Ask Him to show Himself kind to you. Ask Him to help you show His kindness to other people.

It may be that as you dive into how kind God is, you begin to learn more about it. It may take you another day to keep learning more. Maybe a week. Maybe you just get into how kind God is and take as long as you want to explore it.

Then pick another aspect of God and concentrate on that. You could do that every single day for the rest of your life and never run out of amazing things to dwell on. Get to know God. Get to know how truly awesome He is. It will make you appreciate Him so much. And as you do, you’ll trust Him more because you know Him better. You may discover that He’s not exactly who you thought He was.


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