God Is Always The Same, Whether We Know It Or Not

God is difficult to describe, but He's always the same.

God is difficult to describe, but He’s always the same.

Getting to know God can be like a blind person trying to understand an elephant. At first it seems like a rope. Then it is like a rope attached to rough wall. And then it’s like a rope and rough wall and a hose–with big flappy wings–and tree trunks.  Every aspect describes part of what an elephant is like, but it takes time to get the big picture. If ever.

When we grow in faith, we discover God in new ways. It takes maturity to know Him in some aspects. And as we grow, we learn more about Him and see Him in even greater ways. As long as we continue to grow, this will never end. God is amazing enough to show new parts of Himself throughout eternity.

But the awesome thing is that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. When we reach a new level of growth and maturity and see God in a completely unique way,  He’s still the same. As large and amazing as we come to know Him, He was that large and amazing when we first met Him, we just couldn’t see it.  He is just waiting patiently for us to discover Him. It’s time to get excited. There is so much more of God to know. This is just the beginning!

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