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Find the real God who loves you.

Find the real God who loves you.

We are so influenced in the West by Greek culture. We live with reason. We have to understand how everything works before we accept it. Even in religion, our historic concept of God is based on the Greco/Roman idea that God is just like us, only vengeful in His power. We have no other grid for understanding God except our own hearts and minds, so He must be as petty and hateful as the rest of us.

That’s why Jesus is so hard to understand. God is love? He loves so powerfully that He broke His own heart to provide a way of salvation for a people who ignored Him? He’s a God who blesses lavishly and forgives easily?

This God does not fit into the mold we built for Him. How could He? He is God and we are human. Our capacity to understand Him is so limited. And yet, it is our delight to discover more and more about Him from now on through eternity.

Go to Him with fresh eyes. Allow yourself to meet the real God, not the one you’ve dismissed all these years. You’ll be amazed and surprised by how kind and generous He is. He’s been waiting to sit with you for a long time. Enjoy it. It’s going to change your life.


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