God’s Humility Is Astounding

Jesus is the real deal

Jesus is the picture of humility

Jesus lived a humble life. He never promoted Himself, even though He was the Savior of the whole world. He asked those He healed to not even give Him credit for it. He was low-key in everything He did. But the most astounding act of humility was at His birth and at His death.

Consider the Son of God leaving the glory of heaven. The massive transition is really unthinkable. And yet, this wonderful Son of God chose to not even be born in a house. He could have. Even if He didn’t choose to be born in a palace, at least He could have been born in a house. His first appearance on earth as the Son of Man was in a stable.

And then He died a humiliating death. There was no honor given to Him in death at all. He was crucified next to thieves. He was even buried in a borrowed gave.

This humility is greater than anything we’ve seen before or since. Yes, you may point to humble people that you know of, but none of them left the greatness of the presence of God as Jesus did. And He his whole life was to show us how to to do it. We may not be able to live as perfectly as Jesus did, but we have the perfect model to live by.

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