Every Day Is Better With God

God makes everyday awesome.

God makes everyday awesome.

You’ve seen that bumper sticker: The worst day fishing is still better than the best day at work. I understand that. No matter how good or bad my day is, God is always with me, and that makes any day better.

When I feel overwhelmed, I can run to Him like a little child who sees Daddy come to pick her up. There is so much security knowing that He is with me. I always visualize Him holding my hand. If my hand is in His, then no matter what happens, it will be ok.

When my day is great, He makes it awesome. I am so thankful for the blessing that He sends my way. I give them back to Him in praise. I throw them up to heaven like shiny confetti. I know that all good things come from above, so I am grateful for every kindness.

I can’t imagine living without Him. I understand people who live with alcohol and drugs. Maybe I would too if I didn’t know God. He fills that place that alcohol tries to fill but can’t. I wake up everyday knowing that my God is with me and nothing will ever take that joy from me.

You Were Born For Heaven

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