God Loves When We Linger To Appreciate Beauty With Him

God loves to share beauty.

God loves to share beauty.

I have found that the longer I walk with God, the more I’m impressed with the things He loves. God loves beauty. We didn’t invent it, He did. He really likes beautiful things. Look at the amazing colors and panoramas of the world. He enjoys the same beauty that we do.

Sometimes I’ll hear Him tell me to slow down and linger for a second. When I pay attention, suddenly I notice the intense golden light of the low sun just before sunset. The intensity of orange and gold reflects off of leaves and trees just for a moment. And then the light shifts and the magic is lost. But I got to see it for a second because He wanted me to.

There may be a moment of serenity that He wants me to enjoy, but I have to be open to listening to Him, or I’ll miss it. But when I pay attention, I see what He means. Sometimes there is a peace that comes from light and sound and colors. I think when we look on those scenes with the presence of God in us, we see through a lens we wouldn’t normally see. We get to enjoy the beauty that He loves and delights to share with us. It’s a grace that can’t be fully explained, but infinitely appreciated.

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