All The Good Stuff Is Intentional

my God is good

God gave us all the good stuff.

It’s easy to look at a sunset and know that God loves beauty, but stop and think about everything that is good in the world and realize where it came from. There are so many things that delight me that I know where God’s thought first–fuzzy, playful kittens, the tiny flowers that line a pathway through the woods, the smell of baking bread. Those are things that were intentional by God.

Jesus said, Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is God.  (Mark 10:18) God is good. His creation is good. His kindness is good. When I think about the good things in this world, it changes my perspective of God. He likes playful kittens? Of course. He likes the smell of baking bread? Yep.

Even the creativity of our own work comes from Him. Beautiful architecture, art, engineering, math, music–everything was conceived by the mind if God, not only for us, but for Himself as well. He loves music or He wouldn’t have created it. He loves great architecture or we’d all be living in hovels.

I love that God is good and I love all the good things that He has given. Developing a heart of thankfulness is all part of living in the kingdom. It is a kingdom fearfully and wonderfully made.

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