Comparison Is A Bad Idea

spiritual coachGrowing in faith is a lot like being successful in any area. You learn from people who have experience and knowledge to share. Having a mentor is a wonderful way to gain confidence and encouragement. Others who are older and wiser have a lot to teach, but there are good and bad sides to looking up to someone.

Having mothers or fathers in faith is encouraging because they may challenge you to believe more than you might otherwise. They have stories and testimonies that inspire you. They know to warn you when you’re not trusting God. Having someone to be accountable to creates a safe environment for growth.

The downside is that you may try too hard to copy them. You are not called to be made in the image of other people, you are called to be like God. There is discouragement when you compare ourselves to others you think are doing things better than you are.

We are all uniquely made. God will speak to us and through us individually. Your gifting may be similar to others, but it will have your special stamp on it. Never assume that anyone is better than you in the kingdom. Let people help you, but embrace who you are in Christ. There’s no one like you anywhere.


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