God’s Not Very Proper About Some Things

God can show up anyway He likesI love how we have a tidy ideal of what God does and how He acts. But it’s hard to hold onto that when we read the Bible. The Old Testaments prophets were told to do some strange things, like walk around naked or marry a prostitute. Jesus spit on a man to heal him.

I think that God has to go to some extremes with us just to get our attention. We have everything all worked out in our head and God’s trying to show us that He’s not in our plan. Then, when He does something outrageous, we get offended and say it can’t possibly be God, because He doesn’t act like that. But not according to the Bible.

God can act any way He wants, and without our permission. Once we decree what He will or will not do, we set ourselves up for some surprising reactions from heaven. We need to be careful judging what we see. We’re told to test the spirit. If the spirit of God is in the middle of it, then no matter how strange it looks, we’d best not judge it.

It’s always possible for God to do something so far outside the box that we don’t recognize Him. Let’s watch and pray so we don’t miss anything He does. Let’s not be left behind what ever He’s doing.


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