Is The Bible A Book Or A Weapon?

The Bible is a sword of the SpiritAnd take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. (Eph 6:17) If we view the Bible as a good book, a historical reference, a “guide” for life, then we have missed the point of God giving us His Word.

Jesus came to show us how to live, then He sent the Holy Spirit to give us the power to live it. The Word of God is a powerful weapon of the Spirit. Jesus was very effective in rebuking the devil with scripture. It is exactly what we need to do as well.

Do you live in fear? Memorize Psalm 91. Declare it. Let it sink into your heart and your spirit. Knowing the promises of God are a sure weapon against the assaults of the enemy. Don’t think you are being assaulted? Consider if you are struggling with finances, health, relationships, doubt, anxiety. Anything that does not agree with the goodness and peace of God does not come from God. There is an answer for all of life’s issues in the Bible. Claim them and believe the power of what God has given us.

His Word is a flaming sword of the Spirit meant for us to use for the kingdom. Read the Word with thoughts of potential. Then practice using your sword.


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