God’s Touch Will Heal And Restore What Is Broken In Your Life

God can fix anything.

Give God everything and He will make it beautiful.

God is the restorer of lost souls. He takes what is broken and corrupted and turns it into holiness and praise. Beauty for ashes, The oil of joy for mourning, The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. (Isa 61:3) It’s almost hard to believe the complete restoration that is possible.

Never believe that anything in your life is too messed up for God to fix. He can fix anything. What is required is your compliance. You have to want to let Him. You have to hand over every area of your life and let Him touch it with His goodness. Hold nothing back. Anything you hold back will continue to corrupt your life. You won’t lose anything. As the bad drops off, He replaces it with great. You become so much better than you were.

This is not an instant change. This is a journey, and the process will come in steps as you trust Him more and more. The more you give to Him, the more you are strengthened in faith and blessing. Give it all to Him and watch what He will do in your life. He will take the ashes of your devastation and make it beautiful by His goodness.

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