It May Take Time To Love In The Family Of God

Love is key to the family of God.

You may have to learn to love your new family.

We are the family of God, so that may take some reconditioning. I don’t know about you, but my sister and I used to fight when we were young. My mother and father used to fight as well. Yes, we had lots of good times, but I doubt that we had the family that God intended.

It’s hard to love each other as brothers and sisters if you didn’t have a great model growing up. We aren’t meant to hold grudges or compete against each other. We’re meant to love and bless each other. We’re to rejoice when we see someone get breakthrough in the exact area we’ve been struggling in. We’re be there for the late night phone calls and emergency mess clean-ups.

We don’t keep score–if I do this for you then you owe me. We’re to honor each other above our own interests. Family should support and help and celebrate. Family should have open arms and short memories.

If this is really hard for you, ask God to help you forgive and repent for old hurts. It may take time to let it all go, but it will be worth the freedom and blessing. Allow a Christian brother or sister to walk with you and help you along. That’s what we’re here for.

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