We Were Never Meant To Judge Each Other

Ask God to show you when you judge other people.

A loving heart does not judge others.

Judgement is dangerous and destructive. It hurts not only you, but the person you judge. And we all do so easily, never giving any thought to how often we do it. Someone does something we don’t approve of and we close a part of our heart and claim a bit of superiority. That hardness creates a shell over our heart which prevents us from expressing kindness and also blocks any real honesty with the other person.

Judgement is a weapon used by the enemy to separate the family of God. Sometimes we call our judgments jokes made in jest, but once we speak them, the judgment has been given. Other times, they are called gossip, hurt feelings, or insecurity.

Ask God to show you ever time you say or think something judgmental about someone else. You’ll be shocked at how often it happens. A heart of love will not judge other people. A heart of love will look for the good in them and help them in their weakness and failings.

We are not perfect, but we can work to live better. God has given us His love to help us be more than we are. Repent when you know you need to and ask for a greater heart of love to be a blessing to others.

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