All Knowledge Is Yours If You Ask

Ask and it will be given to you.

All the promises of God are yours, if you ask.

God is so amazing to us that He really has provided all that we need in our lives. He said if we seek Him first, He would take care of all the basics–what we eat, what we wear, where we live. He has it covered. And then He gave us even more;

For you were made rich in every way in him, in all your speech and in every kind of knowledge. (1Cor 1:5)

How cool is that! What do you need to know? You have it. You need to explain things clearly to others? You got it. It’s all yours.

But wait, you say. How do I have that? That’s like saying you can’t drive when you’re sitting in a car with the keys in your hand. The car is yours. All you have to do is learn how to use it.

The Holy Spirit is the source of all you need to connect with the promise. You must go to Him and ask. It’s easy–“Holy Spirit, You promised that I have every kind of knowledge. How do I access that?” Now listen with your heart. The answer may not come instantly. He may wait to see how serious you are. Will you continue to ask for the promises of the Bible? Will you continue to claim them? There are so many amazing gifts that are yours if you will only ask.

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