How Can You Talk To God

God always wants to talk to you as well.

Talking to God requires listening as well.

When you understand that God is a person not a thing, it makes sense that He wants us to talk to Him. We are made in His image, so our need to communicate comes from Him, not us like we like to think. He is a Spiritual being, so He made us with spirits as well. When we talk to Him, we’re actually communicating in our spirits.

That sounds a bit squishy, but that’s because we live in a physical world and tend to trust only what we can experience through our five senses. We also have a mind and imagination and that’s where God loves to communicate with us.

You can talk to Him anyway you want to. You can speak out loud or quietly in your heart. But a conversation requires communication from both parties, so be aware of how He will talk back. He will give you pictures in your mind, a memory, a song, a scripture, a conversation with a friend that touches on what you’ve been asking Him.

How you talk to God is not the issue. The issue is how you hear Him talk back. You must choose to be aware of Him talking to you, because He is. He made you to be in relationship with Him, so He wants to talk and He want you to heart Him.

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