Time With God Fills You For Times Of Need

Filling your tank with God's presence will prepare you in times of need.

Time you spend on the mountaintops will refresh your work in the valley.

The mount of transfiguration was on a…mountain. Jesus frequently went to the mountains to pray and spend time with God, then He went back to the valley to minister and do His work. The high places filled and refreshed and brought communion with the Father.

The good news is that rain always flows down from the mountains to the valleys where we live and spend our time. The valleys are the places where fields are plowed and crops are planted. It’s where the fruit trees are cultivated.

The mountaintops are refreshing and we need them, but the valleys are where the fruits of our labors ripen. Spend time alone with God. Get away to hear His voice and be restored. Then take all that you’ve been filled with back to the valley and give it away.

To carry the metaphor of rain even further–when it rains a lot, lakes and dams are filled and rivers flow. When you spend time with God, you essentially fill your reservoir of His presence for when you need it later on. The lakes are filled with the flow from the high places–those places of worship and praise and listening to His voice. You need it for yourself and for everyone you touch.

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