Is God Good When Bad Things Happen?

God is always goodIt’s easy to love God when things go well. But what if they don’t? What if someone we love dies? What if everything goes exactly opposite of what we’ve prayed for? Is God still good?To some people, God’s goodness is in direct relation to their circumstances. He’s good when they are happy. He’s being mean when they are unhappy. If something unpleasant erupts in their lives, they will never trust God again.

God is eternally good. There is no sin in Him. He is full of love, joy, and blessing. If we don’t see that, then it’s our reality that needs to shift, not His.

We won’t always understand His ways, but we must always trust Him. He knows so much more than we do. We can’t assume that we can direct the universe better than He can. Sometimes we just have to say, I don’t understand, but I still love You. Disappointments will happen. How we respond to them will determine our level of maturity. A child will throw a tantrum. An adult will acknowledge the pain, then give it to God.

He is always good. And when you see that in the middle of sorrow, He will be there to help you through, and you’ll come out stronger.


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