Choose To Be His Child

Love Him as your wonderful Father.

Run to Him as a loving child.

God did not create heaven and earth for us to listen to an hour sermon then forget about Him the rest of the week. He had bigger plans for us than that.
God’s heart is to be Abba Father to us. He is wooing us everyday, knocking on our heart to be let in. If all we do is acknowledge that He is God, we will never enjoy the relationship of child and Father that He wants.┬áHe gave us everything that we need to live as we’ve been called to live. He sent His Spirit to give us the power to overcome the enemy and live in freedom and grace.

Our response to God must be intentional. We must choose to live in love and obedience, regardless of the opinions of others. We are responsible for our own actions and decisions and will be called to make an account one day.

Choose to love. Choose to learn more of God. Acknowledge that you may not be living as you should. Spend time listening to Him. Prayer isn’t all about asking for things. It’s mainly about communion–our hearts to His.

Discover Abba Father. Allow yourself to be His child and find your innocence in Him. It will be the beginning of a wonderful journey together.


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