If You Are Mad At God, Work It Out

Tell God why are you are mad at Him.

Tell God why are you are mad at Him.

Do you ever get mad at God? Do you ever feel that He’s not being fair or not doing what you think He should be doing? Are you waiting for Him and He’s not answering? It’s ok. Stuff happens in life that disappoints us. Now what will you do with it?

First, you have to know that God loves you wildly. His love for you is so complete, you could almost eat it. There’s nothing He won’t do for you. But He won’t do anything that will cause you harm. Maybe the thing you expected God to do really isn’t in your best interest. Maybe He has better plans for you.

Stop and think about why you’re mad at Him. The problem isn’t on His end. Talk to Him about it. Talk to Him frankly. Tell Him why you’re mad. Allow Him to respond in a way that will give you peace. Ask for forgiveness for not trusting Him, and then start trusting Him. Repentance requires a change of heart.

God is not offended at you for being mad at Him. He will always, always love you completely, despite how you feel about Him. You just need to find your way back into His peace. It’s just a heartbeat away.

God Is Nicer Than You Think He Is


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