The Grace Of God Is Simply Beautiful

Grace is the doorway to forgiveness.

Grace is the doorway to forgiveness.

Understanding grace can take some work. And that’s almost a pun, because grace means that we actually can’t work to earn it. We are conditioned to work for what we expect. If we do a good job, we expect a compliment, payment, or a smile. If we do something bad, we expect to be punished or receive anger. What we don’t expect is complete forgiveness when we didn’t ask for it.

God’s grace defies definition because it comes from His heart of love that we don’t have the capacity to fully comprehend. He is so very forgiving. No matter what we’ve done, He’s always delighted to forgive. And then He forgets that thing immediately. All He wants is for us to be safe in His care so we can live in love with Him. That’s an aspect of God that is so foreign to us that it’s hard to believe.

Just thinking of the grace we have in God is enough to make you thankful for the rest of your life. All you have to do is confess your sins to Him and receive Jesus into your heart, and your life in eternity begins. Grace is the doorway to His forgiveness. And it’s an amazingly beautiful doorway.

How To Grow In Grace


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