Where Ever You Go, Bring Some Grace With You

A humble heart attracts grace.

Grace belongs to us as believers.

Grace comes with salvation. It’s because of grace that we are saved. Grace is a big deal in the kingdom of God. It’s favor that we don’t deserve. We don’t deserve it because there’s no way we can earn it. If you could, it wouldn’t be grace.

So grace is yours as a believer. It is the Spirit of God to bless us and bring favor in the things that we trust to God. If you have given your job to God to bless, then you release grace in your job. Jesus said to give Him all our cares, so all the stress of your job you should give to Him. He will bless and give grace to it. You’ll see favor in areas that you really need.

The grace of God can be released in your family, your home, or any area that you give to God. The obvious reverse is that areas that you don’t give to God, He can’t bless for you. That’s when you hold onto control and stress–never a good idea. And in fact, is sin. Jesus said to cast ALL your cares on Him. He said to fear not, and that includes stress.

It is God’s plan for us to be blessed and live in grace. So enjoy!


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