Are Your Sins Making You Sick?

Your sins could be making you sick.

Your sins could be making you sick.

You’ve probably heard the studies that say that a huge percentile of sickness is related to stress. I believe it. Stress is fear. God says, repeatedly, to fear not. So if we do, if we stress, we are disobeying God. Disobeying God is called what? Yes, sin. Stress is sin, because we are not trusting God as we should.

Stress is a fear that we hold onto because we don’t actually believe that God is who He says He is. When we hold onto sin, it affects us both spiritually and physically. I won’t diagnose anything here, but trust me, there’s a list of conditions directly related to holding onto fear, stress, what ever you want to call it.

Unforgiveness is the second big area of sin-related illness. And I’m not talking about having a cold or flue. I’m talking about huge, serious conditions–conditions you have actual control over. Stress/fear and unforgiveness are completely manageable. All you have to do is repent and give them to Jesus.

Is there ANYONE that you need to forgive? Do it. Do it now. Repent for not doing it sooner and give it all to Jesus. Ask for His healing and blessing. He’s waiting to give it to you. Stop stressing and believe God. He’s there for you. Trust Him and be healed. It will change your life.


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