God Is Impressed With Passion, Not Appearance

God loves passion, not appearance.

God loves passion, not appearance.

Here’s a scenario I can imagine from heaven. God looking down at church on Sunday morning. On one side is a couple sitting quietly. They got ready for church that morning without incident, greeted their friends on the way in, and listen intently to the sermon.

On the other side, a couple had a huge fight while getting ready, got to church late because of it, and are struggling to concentrate on what’s being said.

Who is God impressed with?

The first couple does not get God’s attention. Both of them have so closed off their hearts that nothing can get in. That’s why they don’t even fight. Their polite attention to the sermon only looks good from the outside. Nothing is getting in to change them.

The other couple is incredibly passionate about God, and so have huge targets on their backs. The enemy uses every opportunity to ruin their peace. They sit in church unable to listen to the sermon because they are both repentant before God and asking His forgiveness.

God loves passion. He is so willing to forgive and give grace to those who give everything to Him. Just because the enemy stirs up trouble does not mean that God is not impressed with the passion. Keep your heart open and soft to Jesus. He loves that.


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