The Peace Of God Will Let You Sleep Through The Storms

Trust God and relax in the storm.

Trust God and relax in the storm.

I love how Jesus slept in the boat in the middle of a storm–a storm so bad, the disciples thought they were going to die. I love that Jesus had so much peace, that He used the time to catch up on sleep. Now that’s real peace. Because He knew His Father, He knew they were in safe hands. Might as well take a nap.

That is a great place to live everyday. Pressure may come. Problems may come. But when you know your Father, and when you know you are in safe hands, you don’t have to fear. The disciples clearly didn’t understand how much God loved them. They were full of fear, not trust and thankfulness.

Wrap your head around the fact that God loves you so much that you can trust Him with your life–everything in your life. Yes, you will see the waves rise up before you, but you can have the peace to take a nap if you want. God has it in control, if you allow Him. If you see the waves and panic, then His grace won’t help you. The power of God to help comes from your heart to trust Him completely. The peace to sleep through a storm is a wonderful way to live.

Speak Peace To The Storm



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