The Kingdom Of God Is Right Now, So Be Focused On Today

Seek first the kingdom of God.

Seek first the kingdom of God.

Seek first the kingdom of God. This has to be central to everything that we are. What is the kingdom of God? It righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. (Rom 14:17) It is loving God with all our heart. (Luk 10:27) It is loving others as ourselves. (Mat 22:39)

The kingdom of God should perfume everything that we do. All our goals and motivations should come from 1. We are hearing the Holy Spirit. 2. We are honoring God in what we do. 3. What we do will bless others somehow. If we can live like that, then God will bless the desires of our heart.

But there is a balance to believing that God will bless our desires and how we live today. We may get a prophetic word about promises that God has given. The very thing we have asked for, He has promised to fulfill. All we have to do is trust Him and wait for His timing. If God said it, then it has been done in heaven. We just need to see it done on earth.

So we live in this longing to see our prayers and promises answered. We fight against the enemy who whispers that nothing is going to happen to make us lose hope and give up. Standing in faith takes courage, and God blesses that.

But where are our eyes right now? Are we always looking forward to finally seeing promises fulfilled? Or are we looking at today, to what God has put in our hands to do? It’s so tempting to be lured by promise that we miss the blessings of today. When we are so focused on what we hope to get, we fail to see what we have.

Seek first the kingdom of God. Love God with all your heart. Love other people as you love yourself. Live like that today. When you can love God with all your heart, you long for more of Him. When you look to bless other people during the day, your interests are off of yourself.

It’s not that you give up believing for answers, it’s that you don’t allow that promise to take your eyes off of what you need to be doing. The promise is there. It isn’t going anywhere. God’s word is still true. He will still come through when you need Him. But right now, what is going on? Where is your heart? Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Balancing Heaven And Earth

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