The Kingdom Of God Is Where Authority Meets Humility

Humility and authority move the kingdom.

Humility and authority move the kingdom.

The kingdom of God is all about God’s great plan for us. It has always been the heart of God for us to live in harmony and love with Him. He planned it before the foundation of the world, and He knew everyone by name even then.

Living in the kingdom of God requires that we are saved by the amazing sacrifice of Jesus.  When we are saved by grace, we become part of His family, joint heirs with Christ. That comes with the authority to speak in Jesus’ name. That’s like going shopping with Dad’s credit card. We’re given grace to use His name and all the authority that comes with it.

And God expects us to use that authority. It’s there for us to effect change and blessing to the world. We can use that authority to speak healing, grace, peace, and joy where it’s needed. When we don’t, we rob people of blessing. We rob them of the opportunity of seeing the love of God touch their lives in ways they really need.

But Jesus came to show us how to live, and His life was all about humility. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. Those who lead should be the first to serve. Humility is a character trait of the kingdom. Arrogance, rudeness, or pride are completely outside of God’s realm. Anyone walking in arrogance clearly has not understood the gospel of peace.

But when you combine the humility of Christ with the keys of authority that He gave us, you are a walking, talking, powerful agent of the kingdom of God. Your humility allows you to minister to the people who really need it. You don’t hesitate because you might look foolish or “uncool”. And when you do,  you release the power of heaven to heal, to bless, and to protect.

God is waiting on you to act for Him. I don’t know why that is so, but it is the way of His kingdom. He put everything in our hands and expects us to believe Him and follow His example.

When you step out as God’s secret weapon, you might feel a little awkward, but the first time you see God answer your prayer right in front of you, you’ll look around for someone else to pray for. Yes, it’s that exciting.

Go for it. Put on His humility, use the authority you’ve been given, and go change some lives.


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