It’s Ok To Recognize Truth Wherever You Find It

I don’t think we need to be afraid of where we learn good lessons. The old me used to think that if the lesson didn’t come from the Bible, then it wasn’t truth. I don’t think that any more. I think that the truth of God is out there and everyone is able to see it. They may not understand that it comes from God, but they understand the truth.

So now, when I read stories where I recognize truth, I don’t get defensive for God. Even stories that we grew up with show us right and wrong. My little friend, Mai Mei, writes about the things she learns from princesses. She even linked to something that I wrote about The Kingdom of God Is Where Authority Meets Humility.

Even princesses can teach us what is true.

Even princesses can teach us what is true.





I like what she says. “Belle teaches me to not look at the outside.¬†Pocahontas teaches me to walk in another shoes.¬†Mulan teaches me to not think I am limited as a girl.¬†Rapunzel teaches me to dream.”

Those are good things. Those are things that God wants to bless in us. I love that. Just because the lessons come from fairy tales do not mean that they don’t have truth. Those are great ways to talk to your kids about what God is like and what He wants for us.


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