Nothing Heals Like A Kiss From Heaven

There are times when something is going to hurt us. It may be circumstance we didn’t see coming, or someone’s words or actions that hit us right in the gut. It’s going to hurt. Your reaction to it will be important. You have to allow forgiveness to flow. Don’t hold onto anger or resentment. Bless and move on.

But while the pain is still fresh, it hurts to think about. Remember when you were little and you skinned your knee? The first thing you thought to do was run home to Mom and have her fix it. She would kiss is and make it better. Even as a kid you probably knew the kiss didn’t do anything, but it was important that you got it.

We actually get a real kiss from heaven that does a lot. When we give God our disappointments and pain, He kisses it and makes it better in ways we may never understand. When you hand over your pain to Him and trust Him to take care of is, He gives you peace. You give Him pain, He gives you peace. It’s such a great trade-off.

When God kisses an owie, it does wonders for your soul.

God Loves Through Us When We Can’t


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