Do Not Be Fooled By Impersonators–Jesus Is The Real Deal

Jesus is the real deal

Jesus is the real deal

If religion has left you frustrated or dismayed, it’s because you ran into religion and not Jesus. Religion has rules–mainly stuff you shouldn’t do. And if you get caught doing them, you’ll never be forgiven, by people at least.

It’s not that God doesn’t have rules. It’s just that He’s amazingly loving and forgiving. When He comes into your life, you get changed. You get a renewed mind, so old lifestyles have no more lure. ┬áJesus wants to set you free, not chain you down with stuff you shouldn’t do.

Jesus will lead you straight to the Father. And when you stand before His throne of grace, you understand what it’s all about. Confessing our sin is so we can come closer to God. We see Jesus as the amazing One who made a way for that happen.

The enemy will throw up all sorts of impostors to keep us from Jesus, but all of them will be weak and pathetic. Who wants a shadow of a thing when the real deal is so alive and full of grace? Be careful where you put your heart. If you haven’t met Jesus, then you haven’t found the real thing.

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