Slow Down, You’re Praying Too Fast

Slow down to hear God.

There’s something about our Western culture that scorns patience. We are a fast food nation. Our WiFi has to be fast. Our prayers have to be answered, now. If we don’t see results from our prayers, we assume that God isn’t answering, or our faith just isn’t strong enough. Most of the time, we just don’t slow down long enough to hear Him say what He plans to do.

There are days when I have a very hard time hearing God. I feel it all day long if I haven’t heard Him in my devotionals. Today I felt that. Why aren’t I hearing You? The quiet voice told me that I was too anxious to get to my day and check off my to-do list. I wasn’t sitting quietly before Him so I actually could hear Him. I had to slow down my thoughts and rest in His presence. And when I did, He showed me a picture that blessed me. He showed me that He was putting on me a garment of beauty and light  – a garment that was His presence. There is payoff for patience and that is His presence. Slow down and learn to rest quietly and listen. In returning and rest you shall be saved. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. (Is. 32:17)

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