When Heaven Seems Deaf

Sometimes, God is calling you closer.

No matter what you feel, God is always with you. Photo credit: p0psicle

We all go through seasons when it seems like God has left us and heaven is deaf. We feel abandoned and lost. It’s disconcerting not having a sense of His presence. We feel adrift, without guidance or direction. That’s never actually true, of course. God is always with us.

But why does it seem like He leaves us sometimes? It’s usually because we are going through a new season of growth. He’s calling us up to a new level of relationship. That new place has a new level of commitment, wisdom, or revelation. God hasn’t abandoned us, He’s asking us to have more of Him in our lives.

That’s the time to press in. Spend more time in the word, in praise, in worship, whether you feel it or not. That new place of relationship is someplace you’ve never been before, so it takes a little time to find your way. God is turning Himself to show you a new facet of His glory. It’s a facet you can’t see from the old place.

Don’t worry about what your direction should be. Carry on with what you feel to be right. God will correct you if you need it. Press in and ask for more. It’s a place of new discovery and deeper ¬†communion. Above all, know that He has never left you.

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