Be Aware Of God Today

Allow the Holy Spirit to be released through you.

Be aware of God in your life everyday.

When we receive the Holy Spirit into our lives, we are living with the greatest power in the universe. He is our Friend, our Counselor, and our Comforter. To ignore that, or not value this amazing presence of God, is a huge mistake.

We need to live with an awareness of God in our lives. It takes intention to do that. You have to decide to focus your thoughts on Him. When we remember to connect with Him during our day, we’re open to hearing His voice. He has direction. He has influence. He can help when we need it.

Having an awareness of God releases His presence into your home, your office, or your school. You carry Him with you where ever you go, but He is not effective in touching others unless you allow Him to. He’s in you and He wants out. He wants to be the main influence in this world and He wants to use you to do it.

Spend your quiet time getting to know Him so you recognize His voice. Ask Him to be released through you to effect others. Ask for His gifts to be used in you so others are touched by His grace. He chose to live in you because of love. Let Him be the God of love in you.

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