When Will I Win The Lottery?

money is the root of all evilGod never said that money was evil. He said the love of money is the root of all evil, and for good reason. (I Tim 6:10) When we are financially sound, we tend to stop trusting in God. If we can pay for what we need, why do we need to pray or bother God? Oooh, that’s a bad place to be.

Once we stop looking to God as our source for life and health, we stray into enemy territory with no armor on. Jesus told the story of a rich man who built barns to store his wealth and live the life of ease. But God said to him, Fool! This night your soul will be required of you, then whose will those things be which you have provided? So is he who lays up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God. (Luk 12:16-21)

God isn’t saying that wealth is bad, but trusting in wealth is dangerous. Lay up treasure toward God and He will bless you. But can He trust you with wealth? Can you keep your heart pure and faithful if you have plenty of money? If that is a weakness in your life, you are better without the millions.

Be hungry for the kingdom of God. Be hungry for the deep things of the Spirit. God will bless your desires when you delight yourself in Him. (Ps 37:4) Be satisfied where you are and let God give you the treasures of heaven. You have no idea what doors that will open.


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4 thoughts on “When Will I Win The Lottery?

  1. Ronnie

    always the same mistakes, why is it the word wealthy in the bible, always said to be referring to money. The bible says, healthy (body), wealthy (spirit) and wise (mind). hmmm sound familiar, mind body and spirit?

    Also the argument that its not money that is evil but what people do with the money or the “love” of money that is evil. Talk about splitting ends… Thats like saying its not cigarettes that are deadly its the addiction. And what is our answer to that? Its better not to start then to get addicted.

    So why doesn’t the world apply this logic to money. Simple, greed and greed is the addiction and money is the cigarette and the more we use it the more deadly it is.

    You really want the world to change? It never will until we are evolved enough to live, do and be, without money.

  2. Samual

    I think it’s about the money! lol

    On a more serious note: I think when you have lots of money it does not necessarily mean you stop trusting God or believing that he is the source of your good.

    In fact I think the opposite happens. When you have no money you tend to blame God and/or feel abandoned. What’s more being financially comfortable allows a person to pursue more spiritual activities that they can rarely do when chasing down a dollar.

    1. Diana Symons

      That’s a good point. It’s really about being balanced. Can you trust God with lots or with little? Can you praise and live thankfully not matter what? I kind of worry about having a lot of money because I never want to trust what I can do instead of trusting God But if we’re faithful, there’s a lot we can do for the kingdom when we’re financially blessed.


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