I Wish I Had Brown Eyes

in the likeness of GodToo many people look in the mirror and hate what they see. More often, they avoid the mirror completely. There’s always something to not like. We’re too big, too short, too dark, too curly, too freckled. Hollywood works very hard to instill body perfection as a goal we should all have. Thankfully, God has another measure of perfection.

When we are saved and covered by the blood of Christ, we are made perfect in His eyes. He loves what He sees. He loves every dark eye, every curly hair, and every lanky frame. We need to stop comparing ourselves with a model that He doesn’t use. What God thinks of us and what we think of God far outweighs any social norm demanding what hair styles are required for acceptance.

Dislike of our body is an indication of deep insecurity. It means that we’ve believed a lie of the enemy that says that we’re not good enough and we’ll never be good enough. Jesus broke the power of that lie and all you have to do is stop believing it. Let the love of God fill you so full that you feel His delight in you–just as you are.

You are made in the image of God, beautifully and wonderfully made. Stand in the confidence that a child of the King has been given and smile at the social standards that change with the season. God’s love for you never will.


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