Why Can’t I Hear God?

Learn to hear God every day.

Do you get frustrated that other people talk about hearing God, but it seems like you never can? Maybe you hear Him from time to time, but never as much as you want. Sin acts as a roadblock in our relationship with God. It can literally set up barriers so we don’t hear Him. I’m not talking about overt sin, but that will definitely block hearing Him. Unforgiveness is a sin. When we consistently fail to forgive people, we start stacking blocks until we have a wall that we cannot hear through. Maybe it’s pride, selfishness, lack of self-control, anger. We need to confess those attitudes and give them to God, and we need to do it daily. We are human after all, and we all have human weaknesses. Any memory of being hurt is a need for forgiveness. Sit down and start assessing what you need to repent for and give it all to Jesus. If you still can’t hear from Him, there’s probably more to repent and let go. Keep it up. He said, if you look for Him, He’ll be found.

What if you used to hear Him easily, but now you don’t? He probably made a turn in the road that you failed to notice. He’s waiting for you to get your eyes back on Him. Repent and give Him your stubbornness, pride, or religiousness. Allow Him to soften your heart. He’ll take care of you better than you can.

He’s always talking to you. Always. The second you stop hearing Him is the second you need to repent. Keep the channels open and blessing will always flow.


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