Why Was Solomon Wise?

God blessed Solomon like no other king on earth.

Solomon was a young man when he took the throne of David. He needed help. He knew he didn’t have the experience to rule the growing nation, but he loved the Lord. So when God said He would answer any request, Solomon asked for help in his biggest need. He asked for wisdom.

Why was God so pleased with this? Because Solomon wasn’t being selfish. We are called to live with the same unselfishness. We’re commanded to bless others, even our enemies. We’re called to be servants, to set our own agendas aside if needed to be kind to others. We are called to be generous, caring, thoughtful, and loving. That lifestyle takes all the selfishness out of our lives, and God loves that.

Because Solomon asked for wisdom, God also gave him honor and wealth. When you let go of what you think you have to have for God, He blesses back with more than you were holding on to. Ask God to give you sensitivity to know when you are being selfish and ask for help to let go of it. He’s more than willing to help us when we want to live for Him.


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