We Need The Shining

God’s radiance draws us to Him.

Restore us, O God of hosts. Cause Your face to shine and we shall be saved. (Ps 80:3) When I read this, it just sounded pretty, but then truth settled in. If God allows His face to shine on us, we will be saved. The light of His presence exposes and forces all evil to flee. When evil has departed, we are free to embrace the holiness of God. We see His radiant beauty and throw ourselves madly into His light. He is the most magnificent being in all creation. The power of His shining face purifies and draws us to Himself. We see that there is nothing more desirable than to sit and gaze at His glory and feel the warmth of His love. That posture fills us with all that we need. We take away faith, divine love, wisdom, and the authority to speak to evil things and make them leave.

I ask God to shine His face in my life. I want everything that is not what He wants to be burned away. I want His light to fill me so I can carry it everywhere I go. I ask that His face shine on everything that I do in obedience so my efforts are multiplied in the kingdom like loaves and fishes. Shine on this country, O God of hosts, and we will be restored.


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