Looking For The Perfect Me


It takes time to be perfected.

We always wonder if we’re doing what we are meant to do. Are we walking in our calling? Do we all have a calling? What is that anyway? I think we all have a “calling” in that we each have unique package of personality, skills, and talents that God put in us to use for His purposes. Whether we work in the corporate world or fulltime ministry, we live in the middle of the kingdom that God has put us in. We are responsible for ruling and reigning over what we’ve been given. It just doesn’t feel like we accomplish much sometimes.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think God knows that it takes a while for us to get our act together, to grow up. Some people do it quickly, others may take a lifetime. Some will return a hundred fold, others ten. The thing is to not beat yourself up if you compare yourself to anyone else and feel inferior. Those thoughts don’t come from God, they come from the great liar. God is patient and gentle with us. He will move mountains to get us where need to be, we just need to be as patient and let Him do it. The Lord will perfect that which concern me. (Ps 138:8) We just need to give Him time to do it.


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