How Do I Love Thee?

Love God with your whole heart.

Let me count the ways….

More than anything, God wants us to keep our first love. Just as in any relationship, we can get too used to the other person and stop thinking about how wonderful it is to be with them. And so I have to stop and think about what God means to me.

God is patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled. He is powerful, all-knowing, wise beyond understanding. He is beautiful, radiant, glorious, magnificent, and holy. He is loving, joyful, and peaceful in ways we may never fully understand. He is Father, Brother, Son, Friend, Helper, Saviour, Healer, Provider, and King of Kings. He is a rose, a lion, a lamb, a morning star.

If I stop and meditate on any one of those descriptions, I am lost. The depth of understanding any one aspect of who He is takes me into realms of the spirit that makes me both terrified and delighted. Just trying to understand the love of God is more than I can manage in a lifetime, so I will have eternity to work on it. It is a future that I enjoy today.


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