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Teach me things I do not know.

Walk with me to Emmaus. Tell me the things I do not know. Open my eyes to see the hidden riches, hidden away for the sons of God. Take me behind the veil and show me your wonders. Take me to Emmaus. Walk with me and teach me Your ways. Give me Your ears to hear what others cannot. Let me hear the soft calling of your Spirit and the heartbeat of Your great love. Give me Your eyes to see beyond the complacent things of this world. Let me find the miracle majesty of your hand. Give me Your understanding so I recognize wonder when I see it, even if I have to step past others who doubt and scoff. Take me to Emmaus through the narrow gate the prevents me from carrying anything with me that is not of You. Show me Your ways. Teach me, I will be taught. I want to know and receive all of Your promise. Help me to give back one hundred fold. Walk with me today. I have so much to learn.


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Jesus Really is Wonderful

His name is Wonderful

Jesus is called Wonderful, and He is wonderful

Isaiah 9:6 calls Jesus Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. When people read that out loud, I always hear Wonderful Counselor, like He’s a really good counselor. But reading it with the comma is more fun. His name is Wonderful. Dear Wonderful, thank you for a great day. Be with me, Wonderful, I need some amazement in my life. It’s just a great name. And He would have the best business card:

Wonderful, Fun Technician


Contact: just pray

And it would have three-dimensional  fireworks that shoot off of it. And if you carried that card with you everywhere, your life would be…wonderful. He’s just good at that. I’m so glad my God’s name is Wonderful. He’s the best.

Not only is Jesus Wonderful, He’s the Lamb of God: The Lamb of God is Adorable

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Is A Key Just A Key?

 I was going through some old things that belonged to my mother and I found this key. It was in some sewing detritus–buttons, zippers, hooks, etc. My mother’s been gone for 38 years, so now you’re asking why I’ve got buttons, zippers, hooks, etc. for 38 years that I’ve never done anything with. Who knows! Maybe someday I’ll need something from there. I’m not a real sewer so that’s not likely, but you never know.

But the key intrigues me. What’s it to? Why did she have it in her sewing stuff? My grandparents used to have an old lock on their front door that used a key something like this but I don’t remember exactly what it looked like. But what an odd place to keep it if it was for that. Maybe it was something sentimental, and since she did sew a lot, she could put her hands on it periodically, just to touch it. Or maybe she dropped in there without thinking about it ever again.

Keys are meaningful. They can open doors and possibilities or they can lock out bad things. We are given keys when we are meant to have them and sometimes we find keys when we are meant to find them. So I put this key in front of my laptop so I can look at it and wonder. What do you signify little key? What new door are you opening for me? Is it something from my past? Is there some gifting that I was given long ago that I’m now ready to unlock? Or is it all nonsense and fanciful?  I’m a dreamer so I choose to believe that this key means something special and somehow it’s going to unlock a new world. I just hope I’m dressed for it.