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Jesus Really is Wonderful

His name is Wonderful

Jesus is called Wonderful, and He is wonderful

Isaiah 9:6 calls Jesus Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. When people read that out loud, I always hear Wonderful Counselor, like He’s a really good counselor. But reading it with the comma is more fun. His name is Wonderful. Dear Wonderful, thank you for a great day. Be with me, Wonderful, I need some amazement in my life. It’s just a great name.¬†And He would have the best business card:

Wonderful, Fun Technician


Contact: just pray

And it would have three-dimensional ¬†fireworks that shoot off of it. And if you carried that card with you everywhere, your life would be…wonderful. He’s just good at that. I’m so glad my God’s name is Wonderful. He’s the best.

Not only is Jesus Wonderful, He’s the Lamb of God: The Lamb of God is Adorable

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