Allow The Holy Spirit To Fix All Those Blind Spots For You

Have you ever been around someone with an attitude that you just have to forgive them for? And then you wonder, how is it possible that they don’t see that what they’re saying is offensive or completely lacking faith? It’s a little scary, because it makes me wonder how blind I am to my own faults. I mean really blind.

The Holy Spirit is the best help there is.

The Holy Spirit is the best help there is.

That’s why we need the Holy Spirit so much. He’s not blind to anything. He sees exactly what we are, and He really, really loves us. He’s not shocked by our faults, but He does want to change us. And He’s amazingly kind about it. When He puts His finger on a problem area, He waits for us to ask for help. And, not only will He fix it for us, He’ll replace it with His own blessing.

But this is not an automatic process. You have to sit with Him and ask for help. You have to want to be changed. But first you have to recognize that you need to be changed. We all have areas we know about, and we all have blind spots. Ask God to show you what He wants to fix. He’ll bring up memories and you’ll know. Just confess anything you need to and give it to Him. Then ask Him to replace the stuff you got rid of for something awesome from Him.

It’s a step by step process. It’s called growth. And the Holy Spirit is the best help there is.


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