Age Has Nothing To Do With When Your Destiny Kicks In

God is working in you for your destiny.

God is working in you for your destiny.

If you became a believer as an older person, or even if you’ve been a believer for a while, but only recently realized there was so much more to the living in the kingdom, it’s not too late for your destiny to kick in.

Moses was an old man when God called him away from being a shepherd. Caleb was an old man when he asked to settle in the mountains because it was too challenging for everyone else.  Sarah had a baby!

The thing is, God knows all about you, and He’s known that since before you were born. So He is aware of the path you’ve been on, and your destiny, that calling that is yours alone, will have your history included in it. You haven’t lost anything. You just haven’t stepped into your destiny yet.

If you have no idea what your destiny is, ask God to show you. And when you do, pay attention to what you think of next. It may be an old dream or an idea that’s floated around in the back of your mind for years. It probably won’t be a surprise. It will probably be along the lines of what you know you’re good at, or always wanted to do. And don’t assume that it has to be a ministry. God uses talented people everywhere.

Don’t let age or time affect what God wants to do with you. Once you connect with His plans for you, it will be fun. Walk with Him and let Him open up doors of opportunity and development. It’s going to be awesome.


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