Look For Your Joy–It’s There

Find your joy.

Find your joy.

You know how some people see the glass half full and others half empty? It’s a choice. You decide your own outlook on life. You may be cautious, but you can still be optimistic. God gave us joy. It’s up to us whether we decide to claim it.

All the fruits of the Holy Spirit are ours. You don’t have to pick one or figure out which one suits you. God gave you everything. So joy is yours, but you may need to look for it. In the turmoil of problem solving, the peace of God is with you. When you stop and decide to live in that peace, joy is not far away.

You decide. You control whether you want to have actual joy in your life. If you really can’t see any reason to be joyful, then ask God to help you. Ask Him to take away everything that blocks His joy in your life. You may need to repent or forgive or humble yourself. What ever you feel convicted to do, do it.

Then claim your joy. Tell God that you will live with His joy and thank Him for it. Then start looking for it everywhere you go. Once you start finding it, it will come easier and easier. Be thankful and full of joy. It’s God’s blessing to you.


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