Keep Your Mickey Mouse Hat Close

Learn to read the Bible like a child.

I was challenged recently to read the Bible like it was the first time. It’s harder than it sounds. If you’ve been in the church for any length of time, you have a history of teaching and an opinion about Bible stories. It takes some effort to set all that aside and read with fresh eyes, with no preconceived attitude for what is truth.

Even if what you’ve believed in the past is true, setting that aside will allow God to show you a higher truth, something He can’t teach you until you let go of what you think you know. Sound too weird? Just think about how doctrine becomes solidified into morbidity. The Word should be light and life to us and it can’t be if we already know everything. We have to come to His Word like we know nothing and be willing to be taught like a little child. I’m tempted to wear a Micky Mouse hat or something to remind be to be childlike when I sit down to read. Don’t think I wouldn’t do that. I know how comfortable I am with my own opinions and I don’t want to get in the way of God transforming me into His image.

The real challenge is, what will you do if you are successful in reading with fresh eyes and realize that what you’ve known has been wrong? What if you start to see the Word as truth where you haven’t before? Will you be courageous to believe it and live it? People will always let you down at some time, but God never will. Trust Him.


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3 thoughts on “Keep Your Mickey Mouse Hat Close

  1. erickr

    Hi Diana!
    An interesting perspective. Have to think on that a bit. I completely understand your point and have no interest in being stuck in any wrong understanding of the Bible. On the other hand, God has given us teachers, etc., to help us understand it and if we continually are starting back at square one then it might hinder our moving into deeper revelation of it. How do we decide what part we are solid in and what part we re-look at? Thanks for your thoughts! God bless you.

    1. Diana Symons

      I don’t think we have to start back at square one, we just need to not assume that we already know it and be open for a fresh understanding. We may need the foundation we already have for the new level of revelation.

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