It’s Okay To Be Human

God is more happy with your humanity than you think.

Perfectionism is not of God. He said to be holy, not perfect.¬†Wait…how can you be holy and not perfect? We are holy when we are free of sin, through repentance, and seek His face. It’s the spirit of religion that demands that we live perfect lives, not God. If we try to live with an unhealthy model of perfection, we will live in guilt for the rest of our lives.

God is more interested in the journey than the destination. He made us human so we don’t surprise Him with our failures. That’s why Jesus said to forgive seventy times seven, because we need to forgive all the time. He knows we will fall, often. He just wants to know what we will do when that happens. Will we be like King Saul and let our failure corrupt us, or will we be like King David and repent in humility?

It’s actually very freeing to understand that God knows we will fall. He’s not shocked or disappointed. In fact, He made a way for us to get up and go on to even higher places if we repent. That humility forms a foundation He can build on. Let go of guilt, it’s of the enemy, and receive peace through repentance. It’s the human thing to do.


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