Patience Will Make You Into A Godly Person, If You’re Patient

Patience will make you godly.

Patience will make you godly.

Imagine your life if you were patient. Not a patient, but someone who can calmly wait in the checkout line or let someone else finish a sentence. Impatience is pretty rude. It means that what ever you are doing is more important than everyone else, and they should know it.

Patience will allow you to listen to people. That is a gift. You know how it feels when you talk to someone who really listens and isn’t waiting for you to finish so they can talk? Patience lets you slow down and see the beauty in people and everything around you. When you are bent on getting your way not matter what, you miss all the good stuff.

Patience is rather key in developing you into a godly person. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. (James 1:4) Whoa! Patience will do that? Yep. But we are not changed into perfection overnight. It takes time. It takes us desiring  and pressing in to be changed. We have to be patient with the progress. If we get frustrated because we don’t see instant results, then we won’t get any.

Patience is yours for the asking. Just be patient about getting it.


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