Are You Broken?

Give your broken life to Jesus and He'll give you a new one.

God is never far from you.

Sometimes life can shatter us in ways that seem unfair and unexpected. We can be blindsided from areas that we trusted, which makes the devastation so much greater. We can be lost in hopelessness to the point of wishing for any easy end to the pain.

Don’t despair. Don’t give in. There are some truths that you must hold onto, even if you can’t feel them to be true. God is always good. God is always with you. Your situation may make you feel that God is not good and you are totally alone, but that’s not true at all.

Take a deep breath. Call out to Jesus. Give Him everything–every last bit. He wants to take it all from you. Ask Him to help you let go off all the issues that hurt you. Ask Him to fill you with His peace and provision.

The battle has already been won on the cross. Jesus paid the price for you to be set free from assault of any kind. All you have to do is reach out to Him and ask for His help. Do not go on another day on your own. Jesus is with you and loves you wildly. Your broken life can be made new today.

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