Your Life Today Is Preparing You For A Greater Tomorrow

Our lives are never wasted with God.

Today is a day of preparation for a greater tomorrow.

Do you ever remember David being called the Bear Killer or the Lion Killer? Why is that? He certainly did those things. Oh, it’s because after that he killed a giant. Killing a bear and a lion prepared him for saving a nation.

We may think that what we’re dealing with now is a pretty big deal. It may be, but it could also be preparing you for something far bigger. God is always preparing us for greater work. It’s up to us to cooperate with Him to see those results.

You may be on the opposite spectrum. Maybe nothing at all is happening in your life. Moses spent forty years shepherding sheep before God sent Him to deliver His people. Moses probably thought he would live and die as a shepherd, but he may have been gaining skills needed to lead a million people across the wilderness.

What ever you are doing now is not wasted in any way, regardless of the decisions you’ve made. God will use whatever you put in His hand, and your life is in His hand. Today is a day of preparation. Today is a another day of experience and talent to be used for His purposes when the time is right. Hang in there and watch and see what happens.


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