Have You Figured Out Who Jesus Is?

Who is Jesus to you?The disciples had been following Jesus for some time, watching Him heal the sick and raise the dead. He did miracles that no one else could do, and yet He had to ask them, “Who do you say that I am?” (Mat 16:15)

If they did not understand who He was, then they would not understand the salvation that He would provide. A prophet, a teacher, or a good man could not live sinless and be the sacrifice that we need. Only the Son of God could live without sin and take away our stain.

Stop and ask yourself, who is Jesus to you? Is He a nice teacher? Is He a kind face from a painting holding a lamb in His arms? Is He a defeated rescuer pinned to a cross or a triumphant King resurrected in power?

Is He a distant deity, a guilt-provoking reminder of your failures? If He is, then you’ve believed a lie. Jesus should be the great love of your life. His love for you is massive and eternal. He is the risen Son of God who stands knocking on the door of your heart because He wants a relationship with you. A real relationship. All you have to do it answer.

Who is Jesus to you? Best Friend, Savior, Emmanuel, Eternal Lover.


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